New Mural: 122nd and 3rd

In collaboration with: Groundswell; New Museum; and Studio Museum of Harlem, several New York City youth enrolled in the Summer Youth Program have worked this summer to create a mural on 122 Street and Third Avenue. Cathleen Lewis, Manager of High School Programs, along with Eungie Joo, Keith Haring Director and Curator Education and Public Programs, from New Museum told me that the owners of VIMs across the city have been very supportive with allowing them to use their buildings for murals created by our youth.

This mural takes images from Emory Douglas’, the Minister of Art for the Black Panther Party from 1967 to the 1980s, most recent exhibit, currently at the New Museum.

I encourage you to go support the artists and youth involved. Go to the exhibit, or the museums, or the dedication of the mural, tentativly set for September 3rd. Or just go to their websites and see what amazing art they are bringing to us.


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